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Firebase and Flutter: Harnessing the Power of Push Notification Badge Counts
Pawneshwer Gupta
Pawneshwer Gupta
January 05, 2023
1 min
Firebase and Flutter: Harnessing the Power of Push Notification Badge Counts

Flutter makes it easy to use Firebase’s Notifications API and iOS Push Notifications to display a badge count on supported devices. Implementing this feature will allow your users to stay up-to-date with notifications that they have not yet interacted with directly. By leveraging the power of Firebase, you can easily deliver rich notifications straight to a user’s device in near real-time.

To set the badge count on a push notification in Flutter, you can use the badge field in the notification payload of the message.

Here’s an example of how you might set the badge count to 5 when sending a notification using the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) package:

This will cause the badge count on the app icon to be set to 5 when the notification is received on the device.

If you want to update the badge count for all notifications, you can set the badge field in the aps object of the payload. Here’s an example of how you might do this using the FCM package:

Keep in mind that the badge count is not automatically cleared when the user opens the app or dismisses the notification. You will need to clear the badge count manually by setting it to 0 or calling the setApplicationIconBadgeNumber method of the UIApplication class in iOS, or the setBadge method of the ShortcutBadger class in Android.

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