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Features of java Programming Language
Pawneshwer Gupta
Pawneshwer Gupta
January 02, 2015
1 min
Features of java Programming Language

You had started learning Java, so its very important to know about features of java to become more friendly with java.

List of Features of java :

Easy to use :

  1. Java is easy to write and anyone can easily learn java.
  2. Java has many features which make java more simpler and easier.
  3. Most of java features are derived from C++, so anyone can learn java.


  1. Java can run on any Platform (Windows,Linux,Unix etc).
  2. Java can be run on any environment just we need to setup JVM.
  3. Java program is easy to transfer without malware execution.


  1. Java is compiled into byte-code which are only executable by Jvm, which makes it secure.
  2. Java program cannot hard other programs.
  3. Java is free from malware attacks.

Object Oriented:

  1. Java is Object Oriented Programming language.
  2. Like C++, java also provide features of OOPs.
  3. Java is not pure OOP, but it is considered as pure OOP language.


  1. Java is called as Robust Language because it is highly Supported Language.
  2. Its portable across many platform that’s why its robust.
  3. Java has feature of automatic memory management and Garbage Collection.
  4. Java have strong type checking mechanism which makes java robust.
  5. Programs written in java crash less often.

for more about java robust language read this article.


  1. Java provide multi-threading technology which increase speed of execution.
  2. Multi-threaded program takes less time to execute.

High Performance:

  1. Byte-codes are much faster than other executors.
  2. JVM execute them faster.


  1. Java programs can be run over internet directly.

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Pawneshwer Gupta

Pawneshwer Gupta

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Pawneshwer Gupta works as a software engineer who is enthusiastic in creating efficient and innovative software solutions.



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