Use custom layout in Material Toolbar Android

how to use custom layout in android material toolbar,custom layout toolbar,ImageView TextView inside toolbar

Create ViewPager without Fragment Android

create ViewPager without Fragments, simply use layouts with ViewPager instead of Fragments, ViewPager with direct layout in xml.

How to get Fragment from ViewPager Android

how to get fragment from viewpager android,get viewpager's fragments on activity,access viewpager's fragment from activity,get selected fragment viewpager

Show progress while loading images with Glide

Show progress count while downloading big images with glide,show progress count with glide, show progress with glide android ,show progress downloading image

Send multiple files to server using retrofit2

send multiple images to server retrofit2,send multiple images to retrofit2,send multiple files and text to retrofit2,send files using retrofit2 easily

FCM Vs GCM? Why we need to migrate from GCM to FCM

cloud messaging,google messaging service,google push notification,google push notification service,firebase vs google,who is best gcm or fcm,why use fcm

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