how to make fully Android Transparent Status bar

android transparent status bar on android lollipop and higher version of android. make translucent status bar on android kitkat. make status bar background.

Pagination in List RecyclerView using Youtube Data API Android

load more recyclerview android github,pagination in android gridview,recyclerview pagination github,android recyclerview pagination library,android listview pagination scroll example,pagination in android recyclerview,pagination android github

Multiple selection RecyclerView Android

multi select recyclerview android example,recyclerview multiselect github,android recyclerview multiple selection example,android recyclerview multiple select

Avoid using findViewById in android, without third-party library

access xml views in java without findviewbyid, data binding library for accessing xml views in java code, write simple code with data binding library

Fetch data from API and store in cache

fetch data from api and store in local cache to display data without internet without sqlite database.make facebook like news feed which load with data on startup

Material design Edit text (Carded) in Android

Material design carded Edittext without third party library in android,ExitText inside cardview, cardview android material design

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