What are Predefined Keywords in java, why to use them

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Basic Syntax and Compilation of java programs

basic syntax of java programming, set of predefined rules of syntax,syntax of writing code in java programs, syntax rules must follow before writing programs

Understanding the basic principles of java

what are the principles of java, 5 principles of java programming language, rules or principles of java programming language,understanding principles of java

What is JVM, why it is required in Java Programming

what is jvm,why jvm is required,what jvm did,is this possible to run java program without jvm,jvm is available for all platforms,jvm provide heap size for program

Why Java is Robust Programming language

why java is called as robust programming language,which makes java programming robust. explain how java is robust language,how we can make java robust language

How java is Platform Independent and Portable

why java is platform independent,which feature makes java platform independent,how java is portable,why java use interpreters instead of compilers,how java is faster

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