Why Java is Robust Programming language

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Java is Robust programming language due to below properties

Java is Robust because it is highly supported language. It is portable across many Operating systems. Java also has feature of Automatic memory management and garbage collection. Strong type checking mechanism of Java also helps in making Java Robust. Bugs, especially system crashing bugs, are very rare in Java. We sometimes have a question in our mind that why java is robust language. There are few reasons for this. First Java is highly supported language. Compiler checks the program that whether there are any errors or not and interpreter ascertains about the run time error and makes the system secure from crash. Secondly, java is portable across multiple platforms which are strongly being supported by Java Virtual Machine. Also java is provided with another important feature of automatic garbage collection & strong memory allocation. Other factors which make java a highly robust language include that it facilitates the programmers with efficacious type checking & exception handling mechanism as compared to other languages. Strong run time checking by interpreter catches many errors. Errors which lead to system crash like bad subscripts error & bad pointers errors are detected very effectively & efficiently during run time. Java also does not support pointers which are the major & constant source of mistakes in other languages. Also multiple inheritance can’t be exhibited in Java making it a strong & robust language. Apart from all these features Java has a pointer model that eliminates the possibility of overwriting memory and corrupting data.

Java example of “Robust” code:

if (var == true) {} else if (var == false) {} else {}

Robust code” means that your program takes into consideration all possibilities, and that there is no existence of error – all situations are handled by the code and result in valid state. So now we understand that why java is called a robust language.

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