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Lets start with Java

Java is high-level programming language with is initially developed by Sun-Mircosystems in 1995. Java is platform independent which means java can run on every platform (Operating System) like Windows OS, MAC OS, Linux OS. So in this tutorial we will drive you inside Java’s internal structure so that you can learn every bit of code. Java programs are run and handle by JVM (Java Virtual Machine).

Before learning about history and background of java, lets discuss about java. what is java? why java introduced?

What is Java ???

  1. java is designed by ”Sun Microsystems” in 90’s.
  2. Java is founded by ”James Gosling” he is also known as “father of java”.
  3. The initial name of java is ”OAK“.
  4. But this project was not successful because no one want to use OAK.
  5. But there was an another programming language named “Oak”, so they decided to rename OAK to something unique.
  6. In 1994 OAK was renamed to JAVA.
  7. In 27 May 1995 they publicly released JAVA.
  8. In starting JAVA is used to Internet Development.
  9. Netscape Communications company gave support to design Applets using JAVA.
  10. Basic aim of java is to connect machines,hardware together easily and efficiently.

Main Goal of developing JAVA Programming language :

  1. Java should be OOPS (Object Oriented).
  2. Platform independent support.
  3. Fully compatible with Network Programming.
  4. Java can execute code from remote source securely.
  5. Easy to use.
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