Java vs C# Difference and Similarities

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Java vs C# Difference and Similarities

How Java and C# similar ???

  1. After development of java [Microsoft](,-122.12845&spn=0.01,0.01&q=47.6395972222,-122.12845 (Microsoft)&t=h “Microsoft”) launched C# which is similar to java.
  2. Many features of C# is same as java and syntax of both is same as C++.
  3. Both supported distributed programming and based on same OOPS concept.
  4. If you know about C# then you can easily learn JAVA and vise versa.
  5. Both are optimize for 2 different type of Computing Environment.
  6. C# and JAVA both derived from C++.
  7. C# and JAVA both are Cross Platform Portable.

Java is developed in 1995 and C# is developed in 2000.

Difference between C# and JAVA :

  1. C# have more primitive data type to handle Arithmetic Execution.
  2. Struct definition is there in C# but its absent in JAVA.
  3. in C# switch statement can operate on String value also. but in JAVA only int value is allowed.
  4. C# has namespace alias feature.
  5. Java support checked Exception.
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