Introduction of IDE for java programming

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Introduction of IDE for java programming

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. IDE is used by professional Software developers. Because IDE have some integrated Testing tools available which is helpful for experienced software developers. But we will not use IDE because our main motive is just learn about basic factors of java. So we will use Notepad to write java programs.

Below are few features of IDE :

  1. IDE have integrated testing tools.
  2. IDE will check for error on runtime. (which means it will show error while you are typing programs).
  3. IDE will give hint/suggestions about code.
  4. IDE will compile and execute programs automatically.
  5. IDE have some predefined examples of java programs.
  6. We can debug a program in IDE, but its not possible on Notepad.
  7. IDE organize java classes in package.
  8. We can easily import external libraries on IDE.
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