Choosing Development environment for beginner’s java programming

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As you are beginners then you need to use complex development tool this will help you to increase your development skills. So we will use text editor which will not give any suggestions about code, error, formatting etc.

We will cover following points in this topic:

  1. Any TextEditor will do our work
  2. Many IDE are available for java programming
  3. Which operating system is best for java development
  4. Paid or Free

Any TextEditor will do our work:

We can use any TextEditor to write java code. Because syntax of java programming will be same it doesn’t depend on text editor. TextEditor is just tool to write anything into file. And every operating system have TextEditor pre-installed, we don’t need to install TextEditor separately.

Many IDE are available for java:

Yes, there are various IDE available for java. Such as Eclipse, NetBeans, jetbrains InteliJ etc. These are best for development purpose, but we are in learning phase so we will not go for IDE at this time. When we get some knowledge about java programming standard then we will move to IDE. Because if you use TextEditor to write codes then you will become independent.

Which operating system is best for java:

Java is platform independent and java development kit is available for all operation system. So it doesn’t matter which operating system you choose. Everything will be same on all operating system. You can choose any operating system and you can shift anytime to another operating system. And IDE are also cross platform, which means they are available for all operation system. For example, NetBeans IDE is available for Windows, Mac, Linux.

Paid or Free tools:

There are some free tools available and some paid tools also available. You will get everything what we need to development java application in free tool. In paid tool you get some advanced features. But you really don’t need of that features. Eclipse and NetBeans are freely available for all operation system. And jetbrains InteliJ is available in free and paid both.

Which tool should I use as beginner???

For Windows:

If you are Windows user, then you can use Windows built in Notepad to write java programs. It’s simple and easy to use. And there are no special features in Notepad. There is some another choice also available like JCreator, TextPad etc. But I will suggest Notepad only for 10-15 days.

For Linux:

If you are Linux user, then you can use Linux’s default TextEdit app. Which is better than Windows default Notepad.

For Mac:

If you are mac user, then install TextMate or any other TextEditor because mac’s default TextEditor is not so perfect.

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