Browse Realm database in Google chrome browser

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Browse Realm database in Google chrome browser

Browse Realm database in Google chrome browser

Hello all, If you are using Realm as a Database system for your mobile app then its too hard to check if you have correctly inserted data or not, In SQLite database we have many apps available on play-store in which you can look into schema and data of your app’s local db. But in case of Realm there is no app available on play-store in which you can check schema and data of your Realm database.

Facebook developed a plugin for android app named as ”Stetho”, which is used to read SQLite database of your mobile on ”Google Chrome browser” using USB debugging. But there is no official support for Realm database in Stetho. So someone developed a plugin for ”Stetho” named as ”Stetho-Realm” in which you can browse your Realm database’s schema and data. You need to setup Stetho and Stetho-Realm plugin into your app and you are good to go.

to setup Stetho-Realm into your project follow these steps:

in your project’s main build.gradle file add these lines under allprojects -> repositories

maven { url '' }

so your build.gradle file will look like below screenshot.

Project level build.gradle file (Image)

now in you app module’s build.gradle file add these dependencies

implementation 'com.facebook.stetho:stetho:1.5.0'
implementation 'com.uphyca:stetho_realm:2.3.0'

and sync your project.

Now create new class which will extend Application class, if you already have that class which extends Application then goto onCreate() method of that class and

//To initialize Realm.

//To initialize Stetho and Stetho-Realm.
				.withDeleteIfMigrationNeeded(true) //if there is any changes in database schema then rebuild bd.
				.withMetaTables() //extract table meta data
				.withLimit(10000) //by default limit of data id 250, but you can increase with this

Now run your app on mobile or Emulator, after successfully running your app open chrome browser and in new tab enter this web address.


and you will see your device/emulator there as shown in below screenshot.

Inspact devices list (Image)

Now you will see you Application package name with ”inspect” link as shown above

just click on that click and it will open new chrome window, wait till it load. By default it will open ”Elements” tab.AS shown below.

Elements tab in inspact window (Image)

now click on resources tab and there you will see ”Web SQL” open that and you will see your .realm file and you can check its schema and data.

Web SQL with Realm Database (Image)

Tested this with following versions:

Realm version 5.3.0

Facebook Stetho version 1.5.0

Stetho Realm version 2.3.0 (WickeDev’s fork)

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